We install sleek cabinet handles and knobs. Select from a variety of styles including T-bar, Bow, Cup and Mushroom cabinet hardware. Installing clean-cut handles is the best way to give your kitchen a completed look.  Clients prefer either bronze or nickel planted hardware. Cabinet handles not only improve the look of the kitchen significantly, but also make it much easier to grab and open a door. Provide us your own hardware or select from our collection.


Knobs Vs Handles

Cabinet Knobs provide a subtle but elegant look. Handles provide a much more bold and pristine finish. Either options however, is a must-have for any kitchen. Simply put, it does not look completed until the hardware is installed; and we can help with that! T-Bar Handles have become increasingly popular over the last few years and are ideal for white or dark shaker style cabinetry.

Hardware Examples

Cabinet handles & Knob Hardware Install

Cabinet handles & Knob Hardware Install

Below are some of our cabinet handle options. You can supply us with your own kitchen hardware or we can provide you with a style from our collection. We also recommend installing the same hardware in your bathroom vanities.

Here at Wesley’s Backsplash Installation, we offer affordable kitchen hardware installation. Give us a call today. We also provide custom handles for custom Cabinets.