Why Wesley’s Cabinet & Backsplash Installation?

Wesley’s Kitchen Remodel services are your trusted source for quality Cabinets and Backsplash installation in the Wesley Chapel and Tampa Bay Area. Over the past 6 years, we have fallen in love with the work we do. What makes our services different? We provide a more detailed solution which focuses on your needs while lowering our operational cost to save you money. We work side-by-side with you in order to select the best pattern, material, and design to transform your kitchen into a uniquely stunning space within your home.

Our goal is to work directly with you! For example, some of our customers choose to provide their own materials for the Backsplash installation. In such a case, we would only charge for the work and the customer would be responsible for providing the materials. This is just one way of lowering your cost. We understand that not all projects are the same. That is why we tailor our services to each customer’s needs. Whether you simply want to increase your home value, or spark-up the space; our goal is to bring your dream into reality. Our free installation consultation will make your kitchen remodel project fun and exiting.


How It Works

Estimate & Consultation – We take a look at the space for the project and listen to your ideas. We will also provide our professional suggestions on which design and materials might better suit your need. After you decide on the design, we will generate an estimate for products and services. Customers are also welcomed to supply their own backsplash panels if they choose to do so. If not, we will provide our catalog.
Agreement & Scheduling – You accept our estimate. We require a deposit to begin work as scheduled. Most of our installations are completed in 2-3 days and we may also work on weekends if convenient for you.
Installation – We will arrive on time and begin working on your project. As we progress, we may ask for your feedback to make sure everything is going according to plan and that you are happy with the initial look. Once the grout has hardened, we will begin cleaning the haze.
Review – A final inspection is completed to ensure quality.



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